YouTube Through History

YouTube is a twenty-first century sensation, but what if it had been around since the beginning of time? Historical figures like Charles Darwin and Marie Antoinette would have shared their thoughts and ideas on their own personal YouTube channels! Imagine that!

Written and Directed by: Captain Hippo
Above Average Producer: Celeste Ballard, Josh Poole
Art Director: Andy Myers
Assistant Director: Julie Gomez
Gaffer: Kirk Larsen
Make-Up: Emilia Adamkiewicz
Featuring: Henry Zebrowski, Yoni Lotan, Michael Antonucci, Daniel Spenser, Andrew Ford, Steve Levine, Michael Antonucci, Lisa Kleinman, Cody Linquist, Tim Martin, Ashley Brooke Roberts, Laura Willcox, Kate Riley, Dan Chamberlain, and Kobi Wright.