Product Displacement

A series of fake commercials for My Damn Channel.

Written and Directed by: Captain Hippo
Featuring: Steven Levine, Michael Antonucci, Daniel Spenser, Andrew Ford, Dan Hodapp, Peggy O'Leary, Gina Sanson, Andrew Ford, Steve Ohocinski, Allison Rich, Ray Mead, Darren Miller, Phyllis Antonucci, Michael G. Antonucci, Karin Hammerberg, Laura Wilcox, Don Fanelli, Ben Rameaka, Henry Zebrowski, Yoni Lotan, Drew Kaufman, Peter D'Amato, Domenico Manzolillo, Justin Brown, Dan Hodapp, Susan Casey, Chris Mann, Kevin Mead, Andrew Cominelli, Pete Lang-Stanton, Caitlin Raftery, Joy Weeeng, Lindsay Copeland, Ryan Rigley, Kate Riley, and Tim Dunn.