ANDREW FORD is a director, writer and producer. Before joining Captain Hippo, he worked with the production company LandlineTV. His work has been written up all over the place, including in the New York Times. Andrew handles the financial side of things for Captain Hippo, so direct those sort of questions to him.

DANIEL SPENSER is a graphic designer and illustrator. He enjoys typography, cartoons, book-making and music/audio production.

MICHAEL ANTONUCCI is an animator and actor.  He graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a degree in traditional animation.  Aside from Captain Hippo, he does sketch and improv comedy with several other groups in NYC.  Mike has no regard for his health or physical well being.

STEVEN LEVINE is a cinematographer, director, editor and writer. He has done freelance work on features, short films, web series and commercials. He’s been called a “very conscientious person”.