Captain Hippo | About
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Want 2 Know More?

About Us


Captain Hippo is/are: Andrew Ford (dark hair), Daniel Spenser (glasses), Michael Antonucci (Italian), and Steven Levine (normal).


Captain Hippo is a sketch group. They enjoy making things. From cartoons to puppets to music to poor medical diagnoses, they’d be happy to make something for you.

They are represented by 3 Arts Entertainment. Their manager’s name is Olivia Gerke. She is terrific. Her email is Her phone number is: 212-213-2216.

Aside from the videos on their YouTube channel, they’ve made a few series for Above Average, Funny or Die and My Damn Channel. Please click the links below to read some write-ups.

Butt weight, you want to know more? Who are Captain Hippo? Where did they come from and why are they in my house, screaming? Well, they are four big boys who live in Brooklyn, New York. Each boy of Captain Hippo comes from a different background: writing / cinematography / animation / design. They combine their talents and love of comedy in their videos. Steve and Dan shared a womb. After a joyous double-birth, they met Mike in kindergarten (SO CUTE!!?!) Then nothing happened until they met Andrew in 2009 and decided to incorporate. Since then, they have been on quite a ride. They even went to Los Angeles and shared a rental car.